A Scientific Analysis Based on Dreaming

A scientific analysis based on dreaming reveals the existence of a wise unconscious mind, which gives us precious guidance in dreams. Once we learn the symbolic dream language we understand the hidden messages contained in the dream images and scenes.

The unconscious mind shows us in dreams that the meaning of our lives depends on the transformation of the violent and immoral content we have inherited in our brain and psyche. It has to be transformed into positive, peaceful and wise content through consciousness.

There is a destiny previously traced for everyone, which is based on our psychological type. Everyone has to pass through experiences that will help them develop the psychological functions that are in an atrophic condition in the wild side of their psyche, leaving them mo thay tien le far from the light of consciousness. These psychological functions will help them judge the reality where they are by paying attention to all its characteristics.

Our psychological functions are based on thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuitions. When we use only one of these four functions, we cannot have a complete vision of the reality we observe. A cold rationalist without feelings will make cruel decisions. A pursuer of new opportunities based on his or her intuitions will despise the present conditions of reality. A pursuer of pleasures will be a slave of his/her sensations and accept immorality without criticism. A slave of his/her feelings will disregard all logical conclusions.

Therefore, we all have to learn how to completely develop our personality. We must transform the violent reactions of our wild side into human behavior controlled by our human conscience. At the same time, we have to learn how to pay attention to all aspects of reality, using all our psychological functions. This is how we’ll stop making the mistakes of being one-sided.

Our destiny is to pass through experiences that will demand that we adopt an evolved attitude. If we are rationalists by nature, we will pass through experiences that will awaken our dormant feelings, sensations, and intuitions. If we belong to a psychological type based on sensations, we will have to learn how to pay attention to our thoughts, feelings and intuitions, and so on.

The meaning of our death is always related to our evolution as human beings. It is just as important as the meaning of our lives. We will die when we fail in our evolutionary process, because we repeat the mistakes of our psychological type (our nature, our personality, our mindset).

Many people die before time because they don’t evolve as they should. Other people remain alive because they gradually transform their behavior during their lifetime. Everything depends on everyone’s personality and life conditions.

When we scientifically analyze a collection of dreams of a certain dreamer, we observe that the dream images reflect the process of transformation of his/her personality. The dream symbols are universal symbols showing all dreamers what areas need more attention, so that they may stop being one-sided. Dreamers learn how to use their thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuitions equally. This is how they acquire complete consciousness.

When success in this area occurs, it means that the dreamers have managed to complete their mission as human beings. It also means that they have completely understood the meaning of life.

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