A Simple Strategic Planning Method for Small Business Owners


As a new business owner, have you heard of a strategic business plan? Most business owners have heard of strategic plans, but have they ever prepared one? This article will teach the new business owner how to prepare a strategic plan in an easy and non-threatening manner using an 8-step method.

If you’re like most beginning business owners, you have an idea of what you want to accomplish in your business but it’s not written down. A document that captures your thoughts, vision, and objectives on how you want to make money will give you, your current employees, and future employees direction when making business decisions. This type of document is called a strategic plan.

Strategic Plan versus an Action Plan. A strategic plan is usually a short document that talks about your current business, your future business, and 4-7 key strategy statements. These statements are the 4-7 items that you feel are critical to your business success.

You are communicating with your employees and reminding yourself that these items are the focus of your Company. An important point to make is that a strategic plan does not go into “how” you plan to accomplish these 4-7 key strategies. A separate document, called an Action Plan, contains the information on “how” you will accomplish what is in your strategic plan. This article explains only the development of a strategic plan.

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