I am here to tell you that a Visco Elastic foam mattress just might end your back pain. It worked for me. Visco Elastic foam, or memory foam as it is commonly called, makes an amazing mattress. A few weeks of sleeping on a memory foam mattress, and if you are like me, almost all back pain will disappear.

I have suffered from sciatica for years (it runs in my family) and nothing helped. A friend recommended that I try a memory foam mattress. (This sounds like an infomercial, I know but it is the truth!) Memory foam is, as a rule, expensive and even an “inexpensive” foam mattress was almost $1,000. I couldn’t spend that much money on something that might not work. I did a little research and found out that they make mattress toppers, like a mattress pad, made from memory foam. So I spent the hundred bucks and bought one. I liked how it felt the first time I lay down.

After a few weeks of sleeping on the memory foam topper, I realized that I didn’t wake up stiff and sore. I could get out of bed without groaning. Here’s how it works: memory foam conforms to your body so that you are supported completely as you sleep. Pressure points like knees, hips and shoulders are supported as you are prone on the mattress. The foam is heat sensitive, so places where your body is in full (or almost full) contact with the mattress, the foam is soft and supportive. Places where you are not, the foam is firmer. It’s is amazing technology.

On a traditional bed — be it foam or springs or a futon — you lay on it and your body tui zipper sags as gravity takes hold. Places like the hollow of your lower back (when you are sleeping on your back) have no support because the mattress does not give. On visco elastic foam, the foam gives in the right places so that your lower back is completely supported! And as you roll over in the night (if you are like me and you change positions a lot as you sleep) the foam will adjust to the weight and the heat and support accordingly.

This is not the place to talk about the different kinds of memory foam (and I did a ton of research before I spent a thousand bucks on a mattress!) but I will say that two things matter the most when you are shopping for memory foam. The first is the thickness of the foam (this applies to toppers, of course) and the second is the foam density. You can find inexpensive toppers out there, but they are an inch thick! That will not cut it. After just a few minutes, it will be like you are back to sleeping on your old mattress. You need a topper at least three inches thick. Next, the density. The higher the foam density, the more expensive it will be but the density tells you how many little foam cells are in a square foot of foam. More squares means more support for you and a longer lasting mattress. Get at least three pound density; four pound if you are a heavier person, like me.

There are other ways to relieve back pain of course — exercise, lose weight, etc. But for almost immediate relief, you should consider a foam mattress. It’s the best money I ever spent.


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