Eligibility and Process of O-2 Visa

When a person with extraordinary abilities such as a film star, sportsperson, scientists has been given the O-1 visa for US, the need their staff to accompany them. The O-2 visa is given to the support staff of the O-1 visa holder. But it is not given in case the O-1 visa holder is going for employment in the related field of sports, art or motion picture industry.

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In case you need to submit the O-2 visa application there are a variety of documents and other necessary paperwork needed which you can do on your own or seek the assistance of an immigration lawyer to ensure that there are no mistakes. Usually if you submit an incomplete application, your visa might be at risk or you would be given a date which can delay the visa process.

However, before you are granted the visa, you will be required to prove that you need the visa. To be eligible, you’ll need to submit contracts or agreements that state that you are an integral part of the team that supports O-1 visa holder. It is important to prove that you have critical skills that are imperative for the smooth functioning of the team and your place cannot be fulfilled by anyone else. From coaches to managers and production teams, the visa holds good. The validity of the O-2 visa holds for as long as the O-1 visa is valid and can be extended if needed but its legal validity completely depends upon the O-1 visa.

Additionally, the immediate family and minor children can go with the primary O-1 visa holder on an O-3 visa after the relationship is proved. However, the O-3 visa does not allow the spouse to work but allows anyone on O-3 to continue their education and study.

To start the process of filing for O-2 visa, the individual needs to submit the Form I-129 which is mandatory by the USCIS. Usually immigration lawyers advice that you should fill in the form at least 180 days before you intend traveling.

If you are going as a team, you can file for O-2 visa all together on the same form or petition. Additionally, there are specific documents that you need to submit to be approved for the visa. Here is a quick look at some of the documents that are needed:

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