Canada’s New Federal Rules for Those Hired by Immigrants

Under the new Canadian federal law it is now an offense:

1. For anyone other than an Accredited Immigration Representative to conduct business in Canada,

2. For a fee or other consideration (cash or value in trade, real property or virtual),

3. At any stage of an immigration application (e.g., helping an applicant)

4. Or at any stage of an immigration proceeding (e.g., during an appeal).

Also, there are increased penalties and fines for unauthorized representation.

Of course, there are “fine print” details for those who wish immigration consultants in bangalore available at the Citizenship Immigration Canada official government website. It is protected by Copyright and not duplicated here. There is a link to it in the author’s resource box below.

Federally Approved Consultants can still make applications for immigrants under the headings of:

• Temporary Resident Visa

• Federal Skilled Worker

• Work Permit

• Sponsorship of a Spouse, Common-law Partner, Conjugal Partner

• Permanent Resident Card

• Study Permit, or full

• Canadian Citizenship.

Same Risks Remain

Despite these new rules governing consultants, immigrants from around the world are still facing the same life-altering risks if they are successful in immigrating to Canada.

No matter what country one emigrates from, everyone hopes to achieve the same universal goals of happiness and personal freedom. Both immigration consultants and Citizenship Immigration Canada continue to fail to make it sufficiently clear to potential immigrants the poor odds of getting adequate employment and having success in family life. So, seek information and advice from your Family Law professional.

Sadly, the odds for achieving those two life goals in Canada are as poor as 50-50 for one or the other of these goals. The odds for achieving both are only 1 in 4 (.5 x.5 =.25). These odds are significant and the hazards are life altering.

According to Statistics Canada reports, four years after arrival, nearly 1 in 2 immigrants failed to achieve adequate employment.

For all Canadians (immigrants or natural) who marry or live together, the odds of separation or divorce are also nearly 1 in 2.

If a husband fails to get an adequate job, that’s one thing. But, if at the same time, his marriage and family fails under separation or divorce those odds of 50-50 combine and sink to 1 in 4 (.50 x.50 =.25).

With the hazards if his family were to fail, he is set upon a perilous path to destruction by state-sponsored litigation and prosecution. Sadly, this may not only apply to immigrants but also to natural Canadians seeking the same goals.

State As Enforcer

A former husband and father’s personal path to state-litigated purgatory may include:

* Seizure of his passport

* Professional operator and driver’s licenses revoked

* Any earnings may be attached and be cut in half (diverted at source)

* But all income taxes (Federal & Provincial) are still payable as if earnings paid in full

* His pension Canada forced him to contribute to is cut in half for life

* He may be ordered to never see his children, yet

* He may be ordered to pay for their college expenses

* He may be permanently in debt from child support arrears increasing each year

* He may be continuously cycled in and out of jail for his support debt

* Canada’s family justice system may issue a nation-wide arrest warrant for him

* The provincial authorities may use electronic surveillance to trap him

* The authorities may issue wanted postings on the worldwide web.

Lack of Due Process

Case histories have shown it possible that none of his appeals for relief may be heard in court or accepted for reading by a judge in chambers (it entirely rests with the judges’ whims).

A former husband trapped by “the state” under these circumstances may decide the only way out is by his suicide (as shown in documented cases by others).

1-In-4 Odds May Not Be Good Enough

Again, the combined odds for finding adequate employment together with the outcome of success of his family life in Canada can be 1 in 4.

For some skilled workers or professionals seeking permanent resident status or citizenship in Canada those odds are simply not good enough.

While these immigrants are desirable to Canada they are more intelligent and therefore more careful when choosing a country to emigrate to for the rest of their lives. There are alternatives (see the author’s website for the Top 10 Alternatives).

Martin Wong has studied Statistics Canada Reports and Family Laws and Family Court Transcripts for more than 10 years. The court transcripts referred to are about former husbands who played by the rules of the law and the courts. Yet those men were lumped in with the worst offenders and treated by authorities as if they were hardened criminals.

If you are considering Canada as a lifelong destination, you would be wise to study these reports and hazards about family separation in Canada. If English is a second language for readers, then try the onsite Translator links.

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