Intermec PX4i – One Of the Smartest Barcode Printers Ever

Intermec PX4i has incredibly fantastic features in its arsenal. Let’s take a look at its list of attributes here:

  • The device boasts of strong, all-metal construction which is perfect for printing in harsh industrial environments
  • It can also manage high volume and adhere to compliance regulations since the gadget has the ability to print at 406 dpi without losing speed.
  • Its design helps in integration with automated labeling applications
  • It has smart printing capabilities, compatible with several printer applications which reduces expenses drastically along with integration complexity
  • One can select from multiple printer languages and make use of Fingerprint/ Direct Protocol (DP and other standards which are particularly used with every printer
  • The device boasts of secure wireless connectivity since it is WiFi┬« certified with WPA2 feature
  • It also features Integrated Ethernet, easypos USB host and connected device with IPv6 support
  • Interchangeable print head options with diverse print resolutions available

Intermec PX4i, as evident with the specifications mentioned above belongs to one of the smartest barcode printers in the market. The PX4i is incredibly flexible in its working and programmable which enables its customers to organize their printing operations optimally. The PX4i also helps users in organizations to streamline deployment and go for quick ROI. The gadget also extends its features to meet the needs of mission-critical applications. The rugged PX4i also boasts of advanced connectivity and protocols, ensuring success as a scalable solution for all times. The PX4i Printer is also a part of Intermec’s assembly line of strong and successful industrial printers.

The PX4i has smart design features which makes it highly productive for diverse and harsh environments. It can easily host stand-alone apps with the help of Intermec’s own Fingerprint programming language which delivers operational processes well with reduced errors. Smart Printers can help users to control devices directly boosting efficiency in the long run and also driving a huge decrease in infrastructure costs.

The PX4i’s capabilities related to device management are instrumental in reducing downtime and helps simplify deployment of the printer. All the programming languages can be selected from, by the user for different environments. The modular design helps the user big time to integrate automated apps and connectivity options which promote quick deployment.

The rugged device is known all over the world for its incredible performance of printing labels at 12 inches per second. It also incorporates features which reduce maintenance costs. The PX4i helps the user to print in different resolutions especially in 203 or 300-dpi while the highest resolution that it prefers is 406 dpi for precision labeling.

With PX4i, the replacement of printheads is quick and easy, mostly because of the new QuickMount™ printhead design. The PX4i is tested with all sorts of Intermec labels and the company assures brilliant performance if used with genuine Intermec media.

The Intermec PX4i has multiple interface options and the best in wireless connectivity with the WPA2 standard. These industrial printers are known for preserving network integrity and good Ethernet connectivity. It is also certified as IPv6, which can assure increased enterprise scalability.

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