Leadership ASAService to Humanity



What is leadership or who is a leader? The common knowledge of the definition of leadership is to influence the thoughts and behaviors of others by motivating and inspiring in order to use resources (human and material) to build organizations, communities, nations and the world. If we think critically and analyze the essence of leadership, it is about human service –ACP registrar.


The essence of leadership is service. By service, it means devoting your life wholeheartedly to all of humanity without segregation. Leadership is a choice to serve. It has nothing to do with a position, a good office or a title. Therefore, good leaders consciously choose to serve and not to be served.


Without visionary leaders, tomorrow is not clear and more uncertain. Humanity does not need leaders or administrators, but leaders who can reconnect yesterday to today and today to tomorrow, because service is not a one-off event.


If leadership is about service, who will serve? Apparently, we all want to be served and do not want to serve humanity. We are an egocentric or selfish spirit. For someone to be a good leader, the concept of self must be ignored and become true to him in order to be an instrument of service. Service is innate, but selfishness is an induced spirit of the outside world.


True leaders are original, lived and flowing like a river to serve and rebuild the planet, and also understand the very nature of life as a service that provides all humanity without distinction of race, religion, ideology or nationality. It is true that for someone who has not discovered inner treasures, he has nothing to offer but much to gain from others by a selfish spirit. If he or she accidentally finds himself in the position of leading an organization, the treasure of the entire organization is manipulated to his advantage.


Dictators and leaders are diametrically opposed. There is nothing in common between them. Leaders produce while dictators waste or abuse. Leaders are visionaries, while dictators are myopic minds. Leaders aim high while dictators aim in person. Leaders are agents of change, while dictators are agents of degrading. Leaders build while dictators destroy. Leaders die for service, while dictators die for themselves.


True leaders are visionary, born from the within, brilliant from the in-out and dedicated to the goal of human service. The service is universal for a common purpose with regard to human prosperity and the reconstruction of the planet. Leaders have endless potential to serve, create, change, innovate and develop nations at the height of civilization.


In the 21st century, we don’t need administrators or managers, but we need leaders. Nations are overly managed or governed, but little change, innovation, and development. The lack of leadership has led to tyranny and the problem of implementation. The new brand of leadership clearly makes the clear-cut between leadership by consent and power and requires a deeper relationship between leaders and supporters, employers and employees. This type of leadership will help the world enter a new era of possible achievement.


Leadership as a service comes from within and is characterized by loyalty, reliability, unwavering courage, decision-making, and planning, collaboration, change, innovation, personality solid, sympathy, sense of justice, etc. It also rejects threats of human survival.

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