Over 60% of People Now Play Computer Games

While the majority of press reports on who and how people play computer games focuses on the negative and addictive aspects of the hobby, a report has just been released called “Expanding the Games Market” that tells readers how more and more people are now viewing gaming as a pastime that is both accessible and fun. The report also argues that although some have suggested that playing computer games is an “isolating” activity, many gamers share this pastime with their friends and family and it can be used as a social focus.

The majority of people supporting and giving evidence for this report, through an online panel, said that they found computer games an enjoyable hobby that helps them to relax and de-stress and they recommended that people try it when they want to unwind. Much to Playstation 5 And Scarlett May Become Ultra-Smooth As AMD GPUs Works With Nvidia G-Sync the surprise of the gaming industry, the gamers who said it was a good stress relief method were some of the older game players ranging from the ages of 15 to 65 years old! It is clear that there is no such thing as a typical computer games player.

Over the past several years, the game industry have introduced the brand new genres and types of game that are attracting people of all ages with very different interests. Their challenge now is to satisfy customers who have other entertainment options, that are easily distracted and may be slowly switching off their computers and to keep them interested in the world of gaming.

Nintendo is one company that is aware of the need to keep customers keen and interested. They are successful in growing their customer interest. Through the release of the incredibly successful Wii and the DS, they attracted an even larger and new first time audience of consumers.

The research and evidence tells us that a huge 63 percent of the United States population are enjoying playing computer games and a large increase of 30 percent more people are playing computer games than last year, it is apparently an immensely popular hobby. Now this data has been released, and the quality is rapidly improving with new technology and stunning special effects and features, retailers are now opening their eyes and clearing more space on their shelves to serve customers who are rapidly gaining interest in this hobby. It is definitely becoming a mainstream product and not a niche, youth thing.

With consumers of all different age groups and interests picking up their controllers and portable gaming systems, it has not yet come to the attention of the mainstream media that more promotion of playing computer games needs the be given to attract even more custom.

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