Some of The Features of Marketing Funnel Have Been Changed to Some Extent

One of the main aspects of marketing you have noticed as a student of non – business is selling. This is the process in which you create a beautiful relationship with a client. It depends on so many factors, and together, they are called the parts of a marketing funnel. In plain language, it means a good relationship with a customer. Selling a product and convincing a client are some of the factors that should be definitely included in your list. Here, it is impossible to discuss all the factors, and some of them are already outdated, according to experts. All of us can say that there have been some changes in a marketing funnel, and they have rightly said this after doing the analysis of Google search and YouTube. one funnel away challenge workbook pdf

As a matter of fact, today’s marketing does need salespeople. This is partly right. This part has been replaced by a smart mobile phone, according to what we see. Should we say “Marketing Through a Mobile” is a clause revolving in the life of a human – being before he or she buys anything. This is 100 % right because everybody has a mobile, and almost all of them use the Android mobiles. Through the Internet, they have access to e-commerce sites.

One of the jobs of the marketer is to collect the data to know how many times the product has been clicked. The marketer knows that today’s customers have become more curious than yesteryear’s who love to customize research and want companies to give priorities to some of their personal wishes as well as to their demands instantly, and an additional thing that they want is that marketers should really know what they need.

Consumers normally research on Google and watch videos before they buy products. But there are also customers who buy products only after visiting several websites. Whatever they buy, their gateway is either Google or YouTube. These two things have put the buyers in control in one way or another. The consumers do not look at products from the marketer’s point of view, but also from their views. They type the keywords that will match with their search. No problem, even if it does not match, Google will always offer options. From these, they will have more ideas to make a precise search. Whatever decision they want to make, relating to what they want to buy, they can tailor- made it. Thanks God, the market is loaded with several products that will meet their needs. Although Google and You Tube are decisive factors, yet customers do not make a final decision. One of the reasons is whichever website Google displays on its first page, consumers who have the knowledge of SEO do not believe in it because they purely know SEO is business. In this case, I have seen the consumers clicking the fourth page of Google and finalizing the deal. Product reviews also influence the would be consumers heavily. Not only this, they compare the price and want to get every detail about the product from customization to logistic.

What matters next is the content of your website, so it should speak in volume. Similarly, your YouTube video should be transcribed in the same manner.

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