Things You Did Not Know About Online Banking

Online banking in simple terms refers to a simplified form of banking, just like the ordinary banking, wherein one can withdraw, deposit or transfer money, pay credit card loans, or everything over the internet, without any need to walk down to the local bank branch.

Basically, the online form of banking saves a lot of time spent on travelling and waiting in the long queues. It provides you an easier alternative to the conventional banking. However, this is not the end of the story. This is the new age of banking, and now apart from depositing, transferring or withdrawing money, you can also do lots more.

Many of the customers, who deal with international transactions, often need to tag a bank account to their PayPal, MoneyWire, BankWire, WU, MoneyBooker and other accounts. These days there’s a separate option called “third party transfers” that may be enabled PNB Netbanking registration on your account by additional request, which will allow you to integrate any of the above-mentioned accounts like PayPal with your bank account effortlessly. Thereafter, it will make the cashflow between your various other accounts and the bank account a piece of cake, which would otherwise be extremely painful. Imagine what would be your situation, if you had to walk down 5times a day to your bank branch to receive payments from PayPal, or just rely upon your credit card to deal with all online transactions.

As a matter of fact, you can also do telephone banking, and give out standing instructions to transfer money to a particular account on weekly/monthly basis, change your residential address, contact number and do lots more. The phone banking option comes in really handy when things go wrong, especially in case you lose your debit/credit card, or your netbanking pin gets revealed to an undesirable person accidentally.

So, in case you’ve been stopping yourself from getting engrossed into online banking in this e-commerce age, you must give it a try right away, and discover its rich features and goodness, all within just a few minutes.

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